ZION MINISTERIAL INSTITUTE (ZMI) is a non-sectarian, full gospel Bible school. ZMI has been raised up by the Lord to train ministers for the Body of Christ, who will be prepared for revival in these Last Days. The full course of study is 2 years for residential and walk-in students.


NORMAN HOLMES - the Director of ZMI and Zion Ministries of the Philippines. He has ministered around the world conducting pastor’s seminars and preaching, and has taught for over 40 Bible schools and seminaries. Rev. Holmes has also written 6 books and is the editor of a magazine for pastors while his writings have been translated in about 20 languages.

EDWIN ABISADO - An apostolic leader of the Fellowship of Ministers and Christian Churches (FMCC). Rev. Abisado has ministered in India, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Guatemala, the USA, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, and Singapore. Rev. Abisado was the former director of the Called Out Training Center in Mandaluyong and is also senior pastor of Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Mandaluyong City.

BEULAH BADUA - The President of the Filipino Christian Friends of Israel. Rev. Badua has ministered in many nations around the world, including during over 20 trips to Israel, and is a former National Coordinator and Executive Director of the Intercessors of the Philippines (IFP).

LINDA HOLMES - The Associate Director of ZMI and Zion Ministries of the Philippines. Rev. Holmes has ministered around the world, speaking for seminars, Bible schools, retreats, and churches. She is also the director of the ZMI University Correspondence School.

Other ministers who teach classes include Seth Baluyot, Dick Carumba, Dong Bargoyo, Arjun Pelias, David Wallis, Cora Langi and Cameron Walcott.


This Student Catalogue is intended to serve as a guide for enrolled and future Zion Ministerial Institute students. Though most of the school and student life are covered, there may be an occasion where circumstances require judgment outside of the guidelines. In such cases, a student should ask the staff.


Full-time students may enter the school in Antipolo City at the beginning of the first semester every July, or the beginning of the second semester every November. The requirements for prospective students include:

1) A calling from God, or the desire to serve the Lord, in Christian ministry

2) A good testimony in the local church for at least one year

3) The blessing of their pastor to study at ZMI


The Staff of ZMI are dedicated to serving and assisting the students. They are appointed to oversee the students and are available for prayer, counseling and other help. It is their desire to make the student’s experience at ZMI fulfilling and pleasant.

Normal working hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Students seeking to meet with a staff member should plan to meet them within these office hours.


ATTENDANCE: Student class attendance is required from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Full-time students who live off campus are required to attend classes and chapel. They are invited to attend afternoon and evening activities as their schedule permits.

LANGUAGE: Classes will be taught in English. Students are welcome who clearly understand spoken English even if they cannot yet speak the language well.

BIBLE READING: The assigned Bible reading is part of the curriculum and considered part of the homework for each class.

EXAMINATIONS: All exams will be taken on the announced date.


A total of four weeks may be missed or failed within the duration of the two years enrollment. However, these classes must be made up by taking an equal number of correspondence courses. If more than five classes are missed or failed within a two-year period, the student will only be allowed to have a partial graduation with a one-year Certificate of Completion.

This diploma can be credited towards 60 hours of university credit if the graduate desires to continue their studies for a Bachelor of Biblical Studies or a Bachelor of Theological Studies through Zion Christian University.


Every Tuesday and Thursday students are to be involved in chapel. Student Chapels last approximately 25 minutes. The second year students are often scheduled to lead worship and preach the message. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board, which lists the chapel worship leader and the student preaching the message. This is to give the student practical experience in these two ministries.


Finance is a major way that our Lord tests and prepares us to become faithful servants of God (Luke 16:11). ZMI will not allow students to accumulate a debt to the school. “Owe no man anything, but to love one another,” Romans 13:8.

Full-time students are to pay ½ their tuition for each semester (12 weeks) at the time of registration. The remainder must be paid before the second half of the semester begins (by the seventh week of the semester).

TUITION FEES are as follows (updated for year 2022):

1) P3,500.00 tuition per semester (2 semesters every year) for online (zoom) students.

2) P4,000.00 tuition per semester (2 semesters every year) for walk-in students.

3) P11,500.00 per semester for residential students who go home on weekends

(This fee includes room & board.)



Our goal is to see the Lord build a standard of Christian excellence into every area of the student’s life. The daily activities of student life will offer many ways in which to seek the transforming grace of God to become overcomers in all things.

DEVOTIONS: A schedule of daily Bible reading will be given; 1 chapter of Proverbs and 6 chapters of either the Old Testament or New Testament daily. This will help the student to read the entire Bible through every school year.

RECREATION: Tuesday evenings are set aside for recreation time.

DUTIES: Resident students will be assigned daily work duties. These duties will be rotated weekly and posted on the main bulletin board.

“Faithfulness to the work of the Lord is often developed through faithfulness to our small, natural duties” (Luke 16:10-12).


It is required that students dress properly at all times, always maintaining a standard of excellence and modesty. Ladies should dress modestly (sleeveless not allowed). Men should wear shirts with a collar to classes and services.


Graduation services will be held at the conclusion of the school year every February. Full-time students who have completed the course will receive a diploma.

Students with incomplete class/classes will not be allowed to graduate.

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