Term System

Zion Christian University operates on four-month term system. The four-month term begins when the student is granted access to the course in E-Learning portal. This allows our students flexibility and affords them the opportunity to study at their own pace. If students complete the term’s course work before the four months have expired, they may register at any time for the next term. If students cannot complete the courses within the four-month term, they will need to contact the ZCUDEP Philippines office. The students may then receive an extension of 4 months to finish their present course(s) at an extension fee of P 750.00 (for students residing in the Philippines) or USD 25.00 (for International students).

Adding & Dropping Courses

Additional courses can be added by students at any given term upon successful payment. However, it is advisable for students not to exceed their course load so that they can complete the enrolled courses during the four month term. Students can always check with ZCUDEP Philippines office or the E-Learning Portal on the number of their present enrolled courses.

Courses can only be dropped during the given term by contacting ZCUDEP Philippines office. Dropped courses will be locked and inaccessible by students. Please note that NO refund will be given for any dropped courses. In the event that students would like to re-enroll to the courses, they need to pay the full enrollment fee and finish the course within 4 months.